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The Oxford handbook of political economy / edited by Barry R. Weingast and Donald A. Wittman
Books/Textual Material | Oxford University Press | 2006.
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Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2006.
xvii, 1093 p. : ill. ; 26 cm.
Includes bibliographical references and indexes.
The reach of political economy / Barry R. Weingast and Donald A. Whitman -- Voters, candidates, and pressure groups -- Voters, candidates, and parties / Stephen Ansolabehere -- Rational voters and political advertising / Andrea Prat -- Candidate objectives and electoral equilibrium / John Duggan -- Political income redistribution / John Londregan -- The impact of electoral laws on political parties / Bernard Grofman -- Legislative bodies -- Legislatures and pariaments in comparative context / Michael Laver -- The organization of democratic legislatures / Gary W. Cox -- Coalition government / Daniel Diermeier -- Does bicameralism matter? / Michael Cutrone and nolan McCarty -- Interaction of the legislature, president, bureaucracy, and the courts -- The new separation-of-powers approach to American politics / Rui J. P. de Figueiredo, Jr., Tonja Jacobi and Narry R. Weingast -- Pivots / Keith Krehbiel -- The political economy of the US presidency / Charles M. Cameron -- Politics, delegation, and bureaucracy / John D. Huber and Charles R. Shipan -- The judiciary and the role of law / Mathew D. McCubbins and Daniel B. Rodriguez -- Constitutional theory -- Constitutionalism / Russell Hardin -- Self-enforcing democracy / Adam Przeworski -- Constitutions as expressive documents / Geoffrey Brennan and Alan Hamlin -- The protection of liberty, property, and equality / Richard A. Epstein -- Ferderalism / Jonathan A. Rodden -- Social choice -- Social choice / Herve Moulin -- A tool kit for voting theory / Donald G. Saari -- Interpersonal comparisons of well-being / Charles Blackorby and Walter Bossert -- Fair division / Steven J. Brams -- Public finance and public economics -- Structure and coherence in the political economy of public finance / Stanley l. Winer and Walter Hettich -- Political economy of fiscal good mechanism / John Ledyard -- Fiscal competition / David E. Wildasin -- Politics and macroeconomics -- The non-politics of monetary policy / Susanne Lohmann -- Politcal-economic cycles / Robert J. Franzese, Jr. and Karen Long Jusko -- Voting and the macroeconomy / Douglas A. Hibbs, Jr. -- The political economy of exchanges rates / J. Lawrence Broz and Jeffry A. Freiden -- Democracy and capitialism -- Capitalism and democracy / Torben Iversen -- Inequality / edward l. Glaeser -- Comparative perspectives on the role of the State in the economy / Anne Warren -- Democratization: post-communist implications / Anna Grzymala-Busse and Pauline Jones Luong -- Historical and comparative development and non-democratic regimes -- paths of economic and political development / Daron acemoglu and James A. Robinson -- Authoritarian government / Stephen Haber -- The role of the State in development / Robert H. Bates -- Electronal systems and economic policy / Torsten Persson and Guido Tabellini -- Economics geography / Antony J. Venables -- International politcal economy -- international political economy: a maturing interdiscipline / David A. Lake -- National borders and the size of nations / Enrico Spolaore -- European integration / Barry Eichengreen -- Trade, immigration, and cross-border investent / Ronald Rogowski -- International relations and conflict -- Central issues in the study of international conflict / Bruce Bueno de Mesuita -- Ethnic mobalization and ethnic violence / James D. Fearon -- Democracy, peace, and war / Dan Reiter and Allan C. Stam -- Anarchy / Stergios Skaperdas -- Methodological issues -- Economic methods in positive political theory / David Austen-Smith -- Laboratory Experiments / Thomas R. Palfrey -- The tool kit of economic sociology / Richard Sweberg -- The evolutionary basis of collective action / Samuel Bowles and Herbert Gintis -- Old and new -- Question about a paradox / Kenneth J. Arrow -- Politics and scientific enquiry: retrospective on a half-century / James M. Buchanan -- The future of analytical politics / Melvin J. Hinich -- What is missing from political economy / Douglass C. North -- Modeling party competition in general elections / John E. Roemer -- Old questions and new answers about institutions: the Riker Objection revisited / Kenneth A. Shepsle.
The Handbook views political economy as a set of methodologies, typically associated with economies, but now part and parcel of political science itself, that are used to explain political and economic phenomena at both the micro and macro level. As such, political economy becomes a grand, if incomplete, sysnthesis of the various strands of social science. Secause institutions are often the subject matter of investigation, this approach incorporates many of the issues of concern to political sociologists and historians. Because political behavior and istitutions are themselves a subject of study, politics becomes the subject of political economy. And because political enconomy also deals with the interaction between the political and economic spheres, economics itself can be seen as a special aubset of the analysis. This handbook surveys the field of political economy, with 59 chpters ranging from national to international, institutional to behavioral, and methodological to substantive. Chapters on social choice, constitutional theory, and public economics are set alongside ones on voters and pressure groups, macroeconomics and politics, capitalismand democracy, and international political economy and international conflict.
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Political economy
Handbook of political economy
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