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Muscle : fundamental biology and mechanisms of disease / edited by Joseph A. Hill and Eric N. Olson ; section editors, Kathy K. Griendling ... [et al.]
Books/Textual Material | Elsevier/Academic Press | 2012. | 1st ed.
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Amsterdam ; Boston : Elsevier/Academic Press, 2012.
2 v. : ill. (some col.) ; 29 cm
Includes bibliographical references and index.
Vol. 1. Pt. I. Introduction. An introduction to muscle / Joseph a. Hill and Eric N. Olson -- A history of muscle / Arnold M. Katz -- Pt. II. Cardiac muscle. Sect. A. Basic physiology. Cardiac myocyte specification and differentiation / Benoit G. Bruneau and Brian L. Black -- Transcriptional control of cardiogenesis / Katherine E. Yutzey -- Cardiomyocyte ultrastructure / A. Martin Gerdes -- Overview of cardiac muscle physiology / John W. Calvert and David J. Lefer -- Ionic fluxes and genesis of the cardiac action potential / Yanggan Wang, Deeptankar DeMazumder, and Joseph A. Hill -- G-protein-coupled receptors in the heart / Melissa L. Martin ... [et al.] -- Receptor tyrosine kinases in cardiac muscle / Tiffany L. Shih and Aarif Y. Khakoo -- Communication in the heart: cardiokines as mediators of a molecular social network / Shirin Doroudgar and Christopher C. Glembotski -- Calcium fluxes and homeostasis / Donald M. Bers and Steven R. Houser -- Excitation-contraction coupling in the heart / Daniel C. Andersson, Matthew J. Betzenhauser, and Andrew R. Marks -- Role of sarcomeres in cellular tension, shortening, and signaling in cardiac muscle / R. John Solaro and Leslie A. Leinwand -- Cardiovascular mechanotransduction / Stephan Dobner, Ovid C. Amadi, and Richard T. Lee -- Cardiomyocyte metabolism: all is in flux / Heinrich Taegtmeyer --
Transcriptional control of striated muscle mitochondrial biogenesis and function / Daniel P. Kelly and Richard C. Scarpulla -- Mitochondrial morphology and function / Fabio Di Lisa and Luca Scorrano -- Genetics and genomics in cardiovascular gene discovery / Aravinda Chakravarti and Ashish Kapoor -- Cardiovascular proteomics: assessment of protein post-translational modifications / Miroslava Stastna ... [et al.] -- Sect. B. Adaptations and response. Adaption and responses: myocardial innervations and neural control / Neil Herring and David J. Paterson -- Regulation of cardiac systolic function and contractility / Eiki Takimoto and David A. Kass -- Intracellular signaling pathways in cardiac remodeling / Yibin Wang and Mark Anderson -- Oxidative stress and cardiac muscle / Yasuhiro Maejima, Daniela Zablocki, and Junichi Sadoshima -- Physiologic and molecular responses of the heart to chronic exercise / Banjamin Levine and Peter Buttrick -- Epigenetics in cardiovascular biology / Roberto Papait ... [et al.] -- Cardiac microRNAs / Eva van Rooij -- Protein quality control in cardiomyocytes / Xuejun Wang and Cam Patterson -- Cardioprotection / David J. Lefer and Roberto Bolli --
Cardiac fibrosis: cellular and molecular determinants / Hasse Brønnum and Raghu Kalluri -- Autophagy in cardiac physiology and disease / Joseph A. Hill, Sergio Lavandero, and Beverly A. Rothermel -- Programmed cardiomyocyte death in heart disease / Gerald W. Dorn II and Richard N. Kitsis -- Wnt and notch: potent regulators of cardiomyocyte specification, proliferation, and differentiation / Ethan David Cohen and Edward E. Morrisey -- Sect. C. Myocardial disease. Congenital cardiomyopathies / Jeffrey a. Towbin, Stephanie Ware, and John Lynn Jefferies -- Genetics of congenital heart disease / Bruce d. Gelb and Stephanie E. Chin -- Mechanisms of stress-induced cardiac hypertrophy / Norbert Frey, Eric N. Olson, and Joseph a. Hill -- Ischemic heart disease / Charles Steenbergen and Nikolaos G. Frangogiannis -- The pathophysiology of heart failure / Anthony J. Muslin -- The right ventricle: reemergence of the forgotten ventricle / Stephen L. Archer ... [et al.] -- Mammalian myocardial regeneration / Bin Zhou, Zhiqiang Lin, and William T. Pu -- The structural basis of arrhythmia / Eugene Kim and Glenn I. Fishman -- Molecular and cellular mechanisms of cardiac arrhythmias / Deeptankar DeMazumder and Gordon F. Tomaselli --
Genetic mechanisms of arrhythmia / Silvia G. Priori, Carlo Napolitano, and Calum A. MacRae -- Infiltrative and protein misfolding myocardial diseases / Hamilton S. Gillespie and Ivor J. Benjamin -- Cardiac aging: from humans to molecules / James B. Strait and Edward G. Lakatta -- Adrenergic receptor polymorphisms in heart failure / Stephen B. Liggett -- Cardiac gene therapy / roger J. Hajjar -- Protein kinases in the heart: lessons learned ffrom targeted cancer therapeutics / Aarif Y. Khakoo and Thomas Force -- Cell therapy for cardiac disease / R. Kannan Mutharasana nd Douglas W. Losordo -- Chemical genetics of cardiac regeneration / Jay W. Schneider and Mark Mercola -- Device therapy for systolic ventricular failure / J. Eduardo Rame and David Spragg -- Novel therapeutic targets and strategies agaisnt myocardial diseases / Atsuhiko T. Naito, Ichiro Shiojima and Issei Komuro -- Vol. 2. Pt. III. Skeletal muscle. Sect. A. Basic physiology. Skeletal muscle development / Margaret Buckingham and Alicia Mayeuf -- Skeletal muscle: architecture of membrane systems / Clara Franzini-Armstrong and Andrew G. Engel -- The vertebrate neuromuscular junction / Young Il Lee and Wesley J. Thompson --
Neuromechanical interactions that control muscle function and adaptation / Jung A. Kim, Ronald R. Roy, and V. Reggie Edgerton -- Control of resting Ca2+ concentration in skeletal muscle / Jose R. Lopez and Paul D. Allen -- Skeletal muscle excitation-contraction coupling / Martin F. Schneider and Erick O. Hernández-Ochoa -- The contractile machinery of skeletal muscle / Clara Franzini-Armstrong and H. Lee Sweeney -- Skeletal muscle metabolism / Morris J. Birnbaum -- Skeletal muscle fiber types / Stefano Schiaffino and Carlo Reggiani -- Sect. B. Adaptations and response. Regulation of skeletal muscle development and function by mciroRNAs / Ning Liu and Rhonda Bassel-Duby -- Musculoskeletal tissue injury and repair: role of stem cells, their differentiation, and paracrine effects / Burhan Gharaibeh ... [et al.] -- Immunological responses to muscle injury / James G. Tidball and Chiara Rinaldi -- Skeletal muscle adaptation to exercise / John J. McCarthy and Karyn A. Esser -- Skeletal muscle regeneration / Denis C. Guttridge -- Skeletal muscle dystrophin-glycoprotein complex and muscular dystrophy / Yvonne M. Kobayashi and Kevin P. Campbell --
Sect. C. Skeletal muscle disease. Statin-induced muscle toxicity: clinical and genetic determinants of risk / QiPing Feng and Russell A. Wilke -- Myotonic dystrophy / Charles Thornton -- Facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy: unraveling the mysteries of a complex epigenetic disease / Charis L. Himeda and Charles P. Emerson, Jr. -- ECM-related myopathies and muscular dystrophies / Carsten G. Bönnemann and Nicol C. Voermans -- Molecular pathogenesis of skeletal muscle abnormalities in Marfan syndrome / Ronald D. Cohn and Harry C. Dietz III -- Diseases of the nucleoskeleton / Anne T. Bertrand, Rabah Ben Yaou, and Gisèle Bonne -- Channelopathies of skeletal muscle excitability / Stephen C. Cannon -- Thick and thin filament proteins: acquired and hereditary sarcomeric protein diseases / Julien Ochala and Lars Larsson -- Metabolic and mitochondrial myopathies / Ronald G. Haller and Salvatore DiMauro -- Sect. D. Therapeutics. Gene therapy of skeletal muscle disorders using viral vectors / Andrea L.H. Arnett, Julian N. Ramos, and Jeffrey S. Chamberlain -- Cell-based therapies in skeletal muscle disease / Denis Vallese ... [et al.] -- Immunological components of genetically inherited muscular dystrophies: Duchenne muscular dystrophy and limb-girdle muscular dystrophy type 2B / Melissa J. Spencer ... [et al.] --
Myostatin: regulation, function, and therapeutic applications / Se-Jin Lee -- Insulin-like growth factor I regulation and its actions in skeletal muscle growth and repair / Elisabeth R. Barton -- Novel targets and approaches to treating skeletal muscle disease / Elizabeth McNally -- Pt. IV. Smooth muscle. Sect. A. Basic physiology. Development of the smooth muscle cell lineage / Nina Bowens and Michael S. Parmacek -- Smooth muscle myocyte ultrastructure and contractility / Avril V. Somlyo and Marion J. Siegman -- Potassium, sodium, and chloride channels in smooth muscle cells / Keshari M. Thakali ... [et al.] -- G-protein-coupled receptors in smooth muscle / Angela Wirth and Stefan Offermanns -- Calcium homeostasis and signaling in smooth muscle / Theodor Burdyga and Richard J. Paul -- Regulation of smooth muscle contraction / Susanne Vetterkind and Kathleen G. Morgan -- Sect. B. Heterogeneities. Heterogeneity of smooth muscle / Richard Arnoldi ... [et al.] -- Microcirculation / William F. Jackson --
Uterine smooth muscle / Susan Wray and Sarah Arrowsmith -- Sect. C. Adaptations and responses. Oxidative stress, endothelial dysfunction, and its impact on smooth muscle signaling / Thomas Münzel and Tommaso Gori -- Hemodynamic control of vascular smooth muscle function / Eileen M. Redmond, Caitriona Lally, and Paul A. Cahill -- Myogenic tone and mechanotransduction / Michael A. Hill and Gerald A. Meininger -- Cell-cell communication through gap jucntions / Cor de Wit -- Vascular smooth muscle cell phenotypic adaptation / Joseph M. Miano -- Molecular pathways of smooth muscle disease / Alejandra San martin, Lula Hilenski, and Kathy K. Griendling -- Sect. D. Smooth muscle disease. Genetic variants in smooth muscle contraction and adhesion genes cause thoracic aortic aneurysms and dissections and other vascular diseases / Dianna M. milewicz and Callie S. Kwartler -- Vascular smooth muscle cell remodeling in atherosclerosis and restenosis / Elaine Smolock and Bradford C. Berk -- Arterial hypertension / Rhian M. Touyz and Ernesto L. Schiffrin -- Diabetic vascular disease / Adam Whaley-Connell ... [et al.] --
Vascular mechanisms of hypertension in the pathophysiology of preeclampsia / Eric M. George and Joey P. Granger -- Erectile dysfunction / Kelvin P. Davies -- Smooth muscle in the normal and diseased pulmonary circulation / Michael E. Yaeger ... [et al.] -- Airway smooth muscle and asthma / Susan J. Gunst -- Aging / Luigi Giusto Spagnoli ... [et al.] -- Vascular calcification / Linda Demer and Yin Tintut -- Smooth muscle progenitor cells: a novel target for the treatment of vascular disease? / Andreas Schober, Zhou Zhe, and Christian Weber -- Smooth muscle: novel targets and therapeutic approaches / Mark W. Majesky.
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